Awakening and School don’t Mix

I dont think people truely realize how school is so insanely stressful. I hate living in that thin top layer of reality where everyone’s always gossiping about each other or cursing about something they hate. They starve their bodies and backstab each other constantly. Personally, I want to go deeper then that.
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why people never seem to talk about the things they love about other people, or the fun times they had, or the enlightening experiences they witnessed.
I want to be able to discuss spirit with other people. I want to have amazing conversations about life and the ways of the world. I want people to be able to just be themselves without fear of judgement. I want people to be honest. I also want to help them see a bigger picture, or view things from other peoples perspectives. How their words and choices affect others. It makes me so sad that people talk behind each others backs so often and with such ease. It pains me because I love everyone with an unconditional love I didn’t know I could experience and putting someone down is not only degrading for them, but for your own vibration, as well. It hurts even the people you talk to, and no one realizes it. All this negativity is sickening. It pains me and I want to stop it.
Be warned, people out their who seek truth and enlightenment, being awake is like getting up early to watch the sunrise. The sun, this huge mass of pure light is so incredibly beautiful. It comes bursting over the horizon with bright, warm colors streaked across the entire face of the sky and water and you want to show every single person on the planet, share the joy of this wondrous and incredible experience but instead of getting up with you, they get all grumpy and choose to keep sleeping, choose illusion over reality. The world is so beautiful and extraordinary once you wake up but so few people truly understand or even want to hear you. They don’t even know how once you start to pay attention to the little things, the small details of the world, it’s so much easier to be happy because these beautiful little things are all around you. All you need to do is pause for just a moment and observe your surroundings. The earth will speak to you and show you her beauty if you just look for it.


5 thoughts on “Awakening and School don’t Mix

  1. Fillandra says:

    I know this so good. When I was in school the energetic distance/difference between me and the others was painful. The only thing that was left to do for me, was quitting school…

    • I would love to quit school, but i feel like working with younger souls provides a lot of insight and learning experiences. And my parents would never let me quit either.
      Love and Light,

      • Fillandra says:

        Well, if it is not possible you will have the strength to stand through it. For me it was so impossible to do even one day longer… I gave all i could until my body went on strike…
        I wish you all the best. And I am sure that it won’t take much time until the others finally will start to remember their own higher wisdom, too.
        Peace and light,

  2. That’s pritty much how most young people feel about school. I personally regret going to school and meeting people. They always try to bring me down. Even my parents don’t want me to speak my mind freely. And now everyone thinks that I’m a brainless idiot who thinks only of sweets and such. I want to talk to someone without him saying that I need to be in a “restraining” shirt. I want to talk to people who understand and think in other points of view other than theirs, to see the problem or subject from all its sides. People just don’t think that they can use the full capacity of their brain. They only look from the point of view that is best for them and dissagree with others only to force their opinion… I am really sad everyday walking to school and whenever I deside to say what’s on my mind my class only laughs and thinks that I want to preted to be smart. That depresses me alot..
    Sorry for ranting so much ^^”

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