Personal and Universal Discoveries

So for the last few months I have started a collection of the wisdom I’ve learned throughout my life and my experiences. I know 16 years isn’t a lot of time, compared to the 7 billion or so years the universe has existed, and it’s still so young. I’m still so young, yet at the same time I feel so old.
So here’s the very beginning of it. I’ll be posting a little bit every day. Enjoy!

God/Love/Universe/whatever you want to call that higher power, is everywhere. You can call it whatever you want, It doesnt care what you name it in your mind. Some call it God, Allah, Universe, Great Spirit, Creator, the being of a million names. It doesnt really matter.

It is in between the space of atoms that make up everything, living or non. It holds everything together. And it loves unconditionally. Even those who are lost or suffering have God with them. It’s everywhere. Scientists have yet to discover that the thing that is the space (some call it the void or dark matter) is essentially God. It makes up 98% of our entire universe. When they try to measure it, their instruments go all out of balance, or to infinity.
I guess this is God in the physical. But he really is in everything, and when we have a negative experience, God is still their, we chose these experiences to learn. For a ship is safe in a harbor, but it is really built to take on the whole ocean.

Love and Light



2 thoughts on “Personal and Universal Discoveries

  1. Fillandra says:

    We are timeless souls. When people say ‘you are so young you cannot know much yet’ it shows that they haven’t experienced such higher dimensional wisdom, yet. I’m (or better said my body is) 18 🙂
    Peace and light,

    • Finally! Someone who understands! My body is only 16 yet I feel so much older. My entire family are much younger souls then me and its very difficult, but Im working through it. It will all turn out alright.
      Love and Light,

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