Rebirth Poem

I had an amazing dream a few months ago. I was in a room surrounded by pink swirling energy, and in the room were an endless amount of pools of water.
I know now that pink is the color of birth/rebirth and water is a symbol for spirit.
Their were many people in and around these pools. Someone told me that this was how ascension worked. I was currently moving from one pool to the next pool. I realized the pools represented dimensions. We were ascending to a higher dimension!
Just now I wrote a poem about it; here it is 🙂


Breaking into new life
Shine the light on my soul
Let me wake up to pools of dimensions
Plunging into the fresh whole
Caressing my body
Let it dissolve
Becoming new
Being born again into a world of peace
Letting go of the finished,
Love can do




2 thoughts on “Rebirth Poem

  1. AMA says:

    What a beautiful scenery your dream is!

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