For you

I’ve been thinking lately, why do I have so many profiles on so many different websites. I’m a different person on each one even though I don’t want to be. In reality I just want to be myself and no other. But I realized I keep these accounts for the people I know.
So here are the people my profiles are dedicated to. They all have a slightly altered version of my true self.

Facebook- for everyone except me
Gmail- for my family and 2 best friends
Tumblr- for hayley
Skype- for close friends and ex bf
Stumble upon- for me
Wordpress- for my heart

Who are your profiles for?


One thought on “For you

  1. Fillandra says:

    Well, recently I deleted all the people on facebook who don’t really (want to) understand me. Left are 4 friendly people who can share most of my thoughts 🙂

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