Enlightenment through Suffering?

It is possible for Enlightenment to be achieved through suffering, although in our current times it is not necessary. For example, Jesus was in the desert for 40 days. It can be nice to relieve our bodies of consuming or digesting for a while and focus our energy elsewhere. That is most likely where fasting first originated from.
But the teachings of Buddah say “For six years he practiced severe asceticism thinking this would lead him to enlightenment. He sat in meditation and ate only roots, leaves and fruit. At times he ate nothing. He could endure more hardships than anyone else, but this did not take him anywhere. He thought, “Neither my life of luxury in the palace nor my life as an ascetic in the forest is the way to freedom. Overdoing things can not lead to happiness. ” He began to eat nourishing food again and regained his strength.” It is one thing to experience suffering when you have never truly witnessed it and want the personal experience. Sometimes suffering comes from deep childhood hurts, and in order to release them, we need to feel and sense into them. Be with them, relive them, meditate on them. Only then they can be released, our ego will dissolve and our vibration will lighten.



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