The New World Shift

Quoted from Bella Capozzi-
The faith [trust] and fortitude of Humanity is being put to the test, challenged in it’s ability to place love first, before all else. To believe that underneath whatever and however things appear on the surface, that there is an underlying Divine plan at work. Gaia is shifting. She is twisting and churning and shaking off the darkness and debris of the Piscean Age – an age which is fading and dying and rapidly coming to a close. Like a set of clothes which are too tight, she rips free of her old bondage. Gaia is patient. Gaia is kind. Gaia is forever tolerant of the her children’s follies, even at the expense of her own health and comfort. But now, at last, today is Gaia’s day. From high up in the Heavens rains down the crystalline rain to wash her clean and lift her higher up, closer to God, and further distanced from the destructive paradigm of old. The Earth is moving, she is transmuting. She is taking you with her on her Holy journey, thus in turn rendering you – her willing passengers – transformed as well.



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