How to Become Enlightened

Ten steps to enlightenment:

1. Stop trying to become enlightened. Put down the practice, go inside you and ask yourself: What do I hope to experience by becoming enlightened?
Ask yourself, what do I not have right now that I want to have? Success, peace? Freedom from worry, fear, death? Be specific.

2. Get really quiet and ask yourself this: What am I willing to do to achieve this goal? Are you serious about this, or do you want someone else to enlighten you so you can go make money and be free from your egoic self-identity at the same time? This is a real trap!

3. Are you happy today? What are you feeling right now? Peace, boredom, fear? Write it down. What do you think you need in order to be happy? Write it down.

4. Do you think that enlightenment is achieved through suffering of some kind? Be serious and write down whatever comes to mind.

5. Do you think that your body can give you enlightenment? For example, through postures, sitting for long periods, breathing, etc. Be honest.

6. What is your idea about God? Write whatever comes to mind. This is a very important point. Ideas about God are always limiting.

7. Do you pray and why? Do you know who you are praying to? Are you sure there is someone there? Do you hear a voice speaking to you? Do you feel a presence? What is it like? Describe it.

8. Are you willing to change your beliefs about God? What if God’s Will for you is perfect happiness…would you believe that?

9. Are you willing to take responsibility for every thought you are thinking by accepting the fact that you are the thinker? Most people just accept that their thoughts are true because they are thinking them. What if none of them were true? How would that make you feel? Would you want to know what is true?

10. If God created you perfect and whole, is this what you experience now? In other words, are you totally aware that you are a complete idea in the Mind of God? Do you want to know yourself as this? If not, go and try to achieve something here. Good luck and enjoy all of it totally. You will either find it or not. But it should be an adventure either way.



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