What is a Free Spirit?

A free spirit dances in the moonlight, sings in the sunlight and doesn’t care whose watching. Playing past dusk and awake past dawn, a free spirit doesn’t abide by anything but their own spontaneity residing inside their sun-kissed shell. A free spirit doesn’t regret the past – relationships, arguments, or losses. A free spirit doesn’t worry about the future – trials and tribulations that may or may not lie ahead. A free spirit lives in the present moment: Now. They find light in the dark world that lies around them and sometimes within them. They accept the shadows in their human experience – identify, discover and grow from them. An internal focus of control gives them the ability to live, love and learn for themselves. Not self-centered but always self-respecting. A free spirit realizes he or she has a house within nature but not always a place to call home. Never lost, because they are never going anywhere in specific, they wander the lonely roads with a smile ear to ear because they are what everyone else wishes they could be: Free.



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