A Meditative Experience

Through both my mothers love of yoga and Erich Schiffmann, I was invited to, in exchange for helping set up for the yoga retreat, attend two of the gatherings and lectures of Erich Schiffmann.
Erich was a large, nearly towering man, with long, curly, blondish-gray hair, broad shoulders, and a soft, open face. His voice was also sort of soft, and he spoke gently. He moved with the grace and energy unmatched by most male yoga teachers I have experienced. One could say, without hesitation, he was in touch with his divine masculinity.
Erich spoke to us about intuitive yoga practice and led us into a guided meditation. (Note: I currently adore guided meditations, maybe because I need more self confidence, maybe because I never really know exactly what to do or think once in meditation in order to actually get somewhere.)
What I experienced sitting there on my yoga mat was quite the experience. My mind became quiet, and for a split second, a small crack or window in the physical dimension opened up. Love, eternity, joy, and ecstasy all came flooding into me. It was a glimpse of the inner workings of the universe I will never forget.



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